Tabulae Visualización al servicio de la comunicación

Tabulae is our data mining and visual analysis platform. It is a flexible, business-expert oriented tool, noted for its ease of use and ability to fully customize your information presentation through interactive dashboards and reports.

Tabulae provides dynamic operating mechanisms, enriching both user experience and the user's ability to interpret data. Without programming knowledge, you can transform any data set into an interactive web application accessible from any device.

Cómo funciona Tabulae

Visual Editors

Tabulae offers an user-friendly interface. It is really easy to work with, and it is notable for its usability. Tabulate offers specialized "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) editors that allow you to build data operating applications of quite a different kind, such as dashboards or reports.

These editors simplify matters for the user: integration with information sources (from databases to spreadsheets); refining operations, aggregation and dynamic formulas; drill-down analysis; computerised graph, maps, charts and KPIs generation; to name just but a few.


Cómo se integra y cómo se comparte

Responsive and Easy to Integrate Technology

Tabulae is a 100% web-based solution built on state-of-the art standard W3C technology: HTML5 , SVG and CSS3, that ensure compatibility with any commercially available browser. In addition, Tabulae-generated applications are responsive and multi-device, ensuring its accessibility from computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Tabulae allows you to embed its applications with any web-based tool: such as content management portals, intranets, ERPs, CRMs, etc.


Personalización de Tabulae

Customization and Configuration

Data presentation is crucial for visual communication and information interpretation. Tabulae allows you, through its editors and configuration options, to completely customize the design of your applications. Style and "look & feel " items (such as logos, pictures, corporate colour ranges, fonts , etc. ), and graphics/maps widgets are easily customizable on Tabulae to suit the requirements of each project and organization.


Cómo puedo utilizar Tabulae

How I can use Tabulae

It is designed to suit customer needs. It can be used as a "cloud" service (Software as a Service mode), or purchasing a license and installing the platform on your company's server infrastructure as "on-premise" mode.