Services Data for Business - Business Intelligence

Triari Labs' commitment to providing data consulting services lies in helping you to extract knowledge out of each activity and transform it into a business asset for the organization. We cover from simple processes such as visualization of a few indicators to complex business monitoring operations involved in control and decision making processes.

Our services, in the form of specific projects tailored to each situation, encompass the following categories:

  1. 2013

    Quality and Data Consolidation

    Our audit service breaks down good and bad practices and quantifies the quality of the data available. The analysis of the databases allows us to understand and quantify to what extent and for what purpose return on data is to be expected.

    The data consolidation methodologies we use are designed to unify disparate data sources, standardize, adapt and simplify saving criteria (structures , fields, types, etc.).

  2. 2011

    Definition of Indicators and Business Metrics

    CRMs, ERPs and other registry systems keep large amounts of information that is not simple to aggregate into useful business concepts. We offer a service to the direct data management, which translates the information recorded in a database to natural language and activity-specific business concepts.

  3. 2013

    Advanced Data Management

    As data grows in both volume and complexity, its usefulness is much higher. It also makes mining more difficult. With our advanced data management service, based on data mining techniques and statistical models, we offer the possibility to leverage on your business potential, obtaining a knowledge of much added value for the interpretation of your activity and to make informed decisions.

    Examples of solutions include:

    • Trends and patterns in data
    • Relevant profiles
    • Classification and business segmentations
    • Prediction and sizing
  4. 2013

    Visualization: dashboards and reports

    The presentation of information through intuitive graphical representations is essential to ensure its quick, accurate and effective interpretation. With our tool Tabulae, we offer an agile service to create dashboards, reports and presentations up to the final management of the full data life-cycle: from production to processing into business knowledge and, finally, its use and visual management.