From Triari Labs, we help you convert your data into accessible and intuitive business value..

Use Tabulae, our visualization and mining technology, to make the leap to a data-based management.

Data Analysis

We are experts in various advanced analysis techniques, both quantitative and qualitative. Our goal is to help you interpret your data by finding out unobvious relationships and behaviour patterns. From your data and analysis models, we are able to build your customer segmentation, success profiles, and flight risk profiles, or find out who gives you the most value and detect market niches you are not reaching.

Visual Analytics

Data visualization is increasingly significant in the interpretation and autonomous exploration of information. Through proper data presentation, users can understand what is happening and what relevant relationships are established between the business variables. Similarly to "a picture is worth a thousand words", at Triari Labs our motto is "a chart/map is worth a million data".

Business strategy

Your data is not the end, it is just the beginning. Data lets you know what is happening in your business, identify triggers of change to evolve or correct your activity and make decisions based on unambiguous criteria and facts. Through consolidation processes for information sources, definition of business metrics and Tabulae, as a tool for Business Intelligence, we help you ask relevant business questions that your data can respond through dynamic and interactive dashboards.

Data-based Communication

Our purpose is to help you build a message from your data in a clear, transparent and efficient manner. Projects on transparency, communication and corporate image, traditionally understood as static publications, are revalued, thanks to our Tabulae technology, to become highly customized visual communication elements, built in record time and accessible from any device.

Do you need to exploit and make the most of your data?